Have you been considering a dental implant? If so, you’re not alone. Dental implants are the perfect solution for missing teeth and a great way to bring back your beautiful smile! But why are dental implants so expensive in Australia? And what is the tooth implant cost in Australia? Let’s find out!


What are dental implants?

Dental implants are one of the dental treatments available to those with a missing tooth or teeth. They are made up of three distinct parts – a titanium implant that acts as a replacement for the tooth root, an abutment that is placed on top and bridges the gap between the dental implant and jawbone, and the dental prosthesis that provides support and structure to the dental implant fixture. Installation of dental implants can involve multiple dental procedures – some minor lacking complexity, while some major surgery might be required depending on individual cases. Aftercare for dental implant patients is highly important to ensure lasting oral health benefits. Dental implants present an alternative choice for comprehensive dental treatment compared to traditional dental treatments like dentures or bridges.


Dental Implant Procedure


Check SYDNEYdentalimplantbns.com.auStep 1: Initial Consultation 

The first step in dental implant surgery is to meet with your dentist for an initial consultation.

During this appointment, your dentist will determine whether or not you’re a good candidate for a dental implant. They’ll review your current oral health and consider any potential risks that may be associated with the procedure. Your dentist will also discuss different types of implants and explain how they can help restore your smile. 


Step 2: X-Rays and Imaging 

After it has been confirmed that dental implants are the best course of action for you, your dentist will take X-rays and other imaging tests to get a better understanding of your jawbone structure and any existing teeth or dental issues. This information will help them plan out the exact positioning of the implant posts. 


Step 3: Placing the Implant Posts 

After all the necessary planning is done, it’s time for surgery! The actual placement of the implant posts is typically done under local anaesthesia, depending on how many posts are being inserted. Once placed, these posts act as anchors for artificial teeth that will be attached later on in the process. 


Step 4: Healing Time 

Once all of the implant posts have been placed, there needs to be ample time for healing before attaching any artificial teeth or crowns. This healing period usually takes about 3–4 months, during which time osseointegration occurs—this is when bone tissue begins to grow around the post and secure it into place within your jawbone structure. During this time, temporary dentures can be worn if necessary to fill in space while waiting for permanent ones to be fitted after healing is complete. 


Dental Implants Cost

Dental implants can seem expensive, especially for those needing multiple teeth replacement. However, even expensive dental implants can prove to be a wise financial decision because of their long-term stability, low maintenance, and overall affordability when compared with other teeth replacement options. The dental implant procedure is also relatively simple and causes minimal discomfort.

While the process may take some time to complete depending upon the individual case and the number of teeth being replaced, it’s very worthwhile in the long run in terms of improved oral health and aesthetically pleasing results that come with properly placed and well-cared-for dental implants.


Reasons for High Cost of Dental Implants in Australia

Here, we’ll take a look at five of the most common variables that affect the cost of dental implants. 


Type of Implant Used 

One factor in determining the cost of your implants is which type you are getting. Implants come in several different shapes and sizes, and each one has its own unique benefits and associated costs. Your dentist can advise which type best meets your needs, as well as any associated price differences between them. 


process costs tooth implant sydneyNumber of Implants Needed 

The number of implants you require will also have an impact on cost. Generally speaking, more implants mean more money; however, this doesn’t essentially have to be the case if you opt for a package deal or take advantage of financing options.

To get a precise estimate of how much your particular implant procedure will cost, it’s important to consult with a professional dentist who can evaluate your situation and provide an honest assessment based on your individual needs.  


Location and Experience Level Of Dentist Performing Procedure 

Your location can also be a factor in how much you pay for dental implants. Prices vary based on geographic location; typically, areas with higher population density tend to have higher prices due to competition between dentists vying for business in those areas. Additionally, dentists who are experienced in implant procedures often charge more than those who are just getting started in their practice. 


Additional Procedures

Finally, extra procedures like bone grafting may be needed prior to getting an implant, which could increase your final bill. A bone graft is often used when an additional bone is needed for the successful placement of the implant and can provide a stable foundation for it. 


Insurance Coverage  

Dental insurance coverage varies from plan to plan and even provider to provider; additionally, some plans may not cover dental implants or only offer partial coverage for them. Remember to check with your insurance company prior to starting treatment so that you know exactly what is covered by your plan and what is not—this will help avoid any unpleasant surprises when the time for payment comes after the completion of the procedure.  


Why are dental implants worth the initial investment? 




Dental implants boast impressive longevity when compared to dentures and other types of restorations. In fact, with proper care, they can last a lifetime. Additionally, implants function just like natural teeth; they allow you to speak clearly and can help prevent bone loss in the jaw due to their secure fit in the jaw bone. 



Unlike dentures or bridges, which may require frequent adjustments or replacements depending on shifting jawbone structure over time, dental implants look and feel like natural teeth. They also blend seamlessly into your smile so that no one will even know which is an implant and which is not! Plus, since titanium is biocompatible with human tissue, it won’t cause any irritation or inflammation in the gums surrounding your implant. 


worth implanted dental clinic investment sydneyComfort 

Because dental implants are securely implanted into your jawbone and fitted with a custom-made crown that looks just like your natural tooth, they feel very comfortable when eating or speaking—unlike dentures or bridges that may move around while chewing food or speaking. You can enjoy all of your favourite foods without worry!

Plus, unlike traditional dentures or bridges, where adhesive is required to keep them in place, dental implants stay firmly rooted in place without any extra effort on your part. 


Affordability & Cost Savings 

Dental implants are a great investment for your long-term health and savings compared to other tooth restorative options like bridges or dentures. While those methods may need regular replacement due to wear and tear over time, implants will last you many years with minimal upkeep. Furthermore, many insurance plans could potentially cover a percentage of the cost of dental implants depending on each individual case, making them an economical solution! 


Improved Confidence and Self-Esteem

Finally, one of the greatest benefits of investing in dental implants is how they can help boost your self-esteem and confidence by restoring your smile back to its original beauty! You won’t have to stress about feeling self-conscious about missing or damaged teeth anymore – instead, you can show off your new healthy smile proudly! 


Discover the difference that DDSS dental implants can make!

At our dental practice, our team of experienced dentists is dedicated to giving you the best quality dental care available. We offer a wide range of dental implant procedures and strive to provide our patients with cost-effective solutions for their dental implants. We use only the highest grade of materials and techniques to ensure that your implants look and feel like natural teeth. Our priority is providing our patients with a smile they can be proud of for years to come. With our expertise, you can rest assured that your cost of dental implants will be reasonable and well worth the investment. Contact us now to book your appointment. 

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Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner. 





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