When it comes to tooth implant cost, Sydney patients should know that in their city at least, there isn’t really such a thing as cut price or cheap dental implants. Sydney in fact is in the self-confessed priciest city in Australia and indeed, it’s ranked number 10 in the world’s most expensive cities.

Okay, so that’s not strictly true… you can buy cheap dental implants in Sydney, but the question is, at what cost? Let’s take a look…

On the whole there are 3 main reasons why dentists advertise cut-price tooth implants in Sydney, and these are:

Inexperience – Inexperienced dentists, or at least, those that are new to offering dental implants as part of their treatment, need to stand out from the crowd. While they can’t compete on experience and knowledge, they can compete on price. So, while it’s true that everybody has to start somewhere, perhaps, when it comes replacing a lost or missing tooth, you might want to ask yourself if that ‘somewhere’ really needs to be you!

Inferior or cheaper implant brands – Other ways that dentists may offer cheap dental implants in Sydney is to use inferior or cheaper implant brands and pass the cost saving directly on to the patient. While this might work in theory, it’s a little more problematic in reality. How so?

Because the dental implant industry is booming, many new implant brands are trying to jump on the gravy train. However, in a very competitive market, they will lack the longevity and trialling of the larger well-known implant brands. So how do they compete? Price of course!

When a dentist opts for lesser dental implants, the patient may be at risk because they could be fitted with an implant by a company that might not be sticking around. This in turn may leave the patient with little or no comeback if the implant fails.

In addition, inferior implants – E.g. those that haven’t had the proven clinical testing success of the larger brands are a risk, and in all fairness, probably one that you shouldn’t be taking.

Clever (or rather, devious) adverting There’s no doubt that if you search hard enough you’ll come across an advert for a tooth implant in Sydney for only $999. While that may sound appealing, what many of these adverts fail to tell you is that this is an ‘implant only’ cost.

What this means is that while the implant part of the procedure may cost you say $999, you’ve then got the abutment, the crown, and any other costs pertaining to the procedure such as bone grafting. Before you know it, you’ll probably be paying way more than your initial $1000 bucks.

Dental Clinic
While this form of advertising isn’t illegal per se, you might want to ask yourself “if the dental clinic in question isn’t overly transparent, then what else do they have to hide?”

In fact, whatever option for cheap dental implants in Sydney you choose, it’s highly likely that there is always going to be an attached risk!

So getting back to the question of tooth implant cost, Sydney residents really should know just how much they should be expecting to pay if they want to limit that risk.

In other words… How much does a tooth implant cost in Sydney really?

Patients seeking dental implants in Sydney should be expecting to pay somewhere between $2850 and $6500 per tooth depending upon what action needs to be taken.

While that might sound like a huge amount of money for what is effectively a replacement tooth, there are many reasons why tooth implants here in Sydney are well worth that cost. Let’s take a closer look…


In all walks of life technology is invented that makes things easier, better, and more cost effective. The dental industry is no exception. Digital implant dentistry is now the pinnacle of dental implant technology. Ultimately, digital scanning and virtual mock-ups are used to plan the implant placement to within a fraction of a centimetre. From the computerised scans, surgical guides are produced which allow a flapless ‘keyhole style’ surgery to take place. This in turn creates several benefits for the patient:

  • Surgery time is greatly reduced from approximately 1 hour to around 20 minutes, with a greater chance of accuracy
  • Flapless surgery means no cutting the gum. As a result there’s very little (if any) bleeding and no sutures are needed

All of this means that…

  • Recovery time is minimal

Of course, all that technology has to be paid for and ultimately, this is passed on to the patient. However, for the patient at least, the cost of digital dental implants here in Sydney may well be very appealing.

You get what you pay for

In all walks of life, it’s fair to say that you generally get what you pay for and it’s certainly true when it comes to tooth implant cost! Sydney dentists who offer tooth implants somewhere in between the price bracket above will usually be the ones who have:

  • Invested heavily in education
  • Have the latest equipment
  • The best implant brands and are
  • Upfront and transparent about their costs.

So while again, this cost is initially passed on to the patient, it may be considered less risky, speedier, and more efficient for what is in effect a huge patient commitment.

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But perhaps there’s another more encouraging reason why paying more for tooth implants in Sydney, or indeed any other city in Australia is a good thing and it’s this…

In the long term, dental implants are a cost-effective solution!

Sure initially, the dental implant cost is high, but if you don’t opt for low cost dental implants and pay the going rate, they could (and indeed should) save you money in the long term.

Here’s how…

Let’s say that you’ve been considering dental implants as a form of missing tooth replacement but are also considering other non-surgical options such as a partial denture or dental bridge. After all, the latter treatments are far less invasive and cheaper.

Now however, you’ll have to factor in replacements every 5-10 years and in many respects a lesser quality of life. What cost is that to you?

Conversely, once a high quality dental implant is in place, it has the ability to last several decades or more, and by replacing a tooth on a like for like basis, patients can eat whatever they choose, without having to worry.

Perhaps, the most important factor is that a dental implant is the only tooth replacement option that can halt the ageing bone loss process. This is the same process that means dentures and bridges will need replacing, or they can become loose and uncomfortable.

Now, all of a sudden, cost savings you might have made on other tooth replacement options don’t seem as cost effective when you look at it from a long-term perspective.

If you’d like to find out more about tooth implants and the tooth implant cost in Sydney, we invite you to contact the Digital Dental Implants Institute in Gosford. We’re at the cutting edge of digital dentistry and are currently offering a free, no obligation consultation. Call to make an appointment today on (02) 8294 8656 and let us help you restore and rejuvenate your smile.

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