If you’re reading this you have either already been informed about the dental implant cost in Australia from your dentist, or you’ve been told you need implants and want to know how much to budget for.

Regardless of where you are in the process, it’s important to note that implants are an investment in your future. And the procedure involved does need to be performed skillfully and professionally if you want the full benefit of your dental implant.

A high-quality dental implant that is placed by a professional can be expected to last a lifetime. And here’s why it’s worth paying for.

For patients who are missing teeth, dental implants provide an aesthetically pleasing and virtually unnoticeable replacement for regular teeth. One of the main considerations and one of the biggest sources of concern for patients is whether they need bone grafting for dental implants.

What Factors Influence the Dental Implant Cost?

Typically the total cost of dental implants is presented as one amount but the procedure itself will probably span a few months. This is because placing a dental implant is a surgical procedure and your jaw needs enough time to heal between the different stages.

Find a dentist that offers a free consultation to get a comprehensive treatment plan that outlines the timeline for completion and fully explains all the line items in your dental implant cost.

The Cost Of The Implant

Dental implants are usually crafted from titanium, which is a strong and durable metal unlikely to corrode. Titanium is extremely long lasting and is chosen for implants because it is likely to last for the rest of your life. It is also a biocompatible metal, meaning it is well received by the body, minimising the risk of implant failure.

Because you are effectively replacing your tooth’s roots you do need to work with qualified professionals who are experienced and skilled. And this, of course, also contributes to the total cost.


So, what can you expect to pay for dental implants?

Depending on the complexity of your procedure, where the implants are going to be placed and whether you need a bone graft the range for dental implant cost is between $5500 and $7000. The variables that influence the cost include:

The kind of implant used in your procedure

With more than 3 million people wearing implants the market is wide open in terms of variety. And, as time passes so technology improves and produces higher quality implants.

Where you have your procedure done

If you live in a major city and your dental practitioner has high overheads in Sydney or Melbourne, this is going to be reflected in your dental implant cost.


How complex is your case?

If your case is complex or you need additional work done like a sinus lift or a bone graft, this will come at an additional cost. Complex cases also require more follow up visits, and this will be added to your total.

If you’re having multiple implants placed, your dentist may give you a discount. Book a free consultation at your local dental clinic to know more about available discounts and payment plans.

According to Dental Guide Australia, placing a single dental implant can cost between $5000 and $5500, while an all-on-4 dental procedure can cost up to $30000.

Are There Cheaper Options Available?

In recent years there’s been a definite uptick in dental tourism where Australian locals have sought cheaper dental services in exotic locations in order to pay less. But, you really do get what you pay for and in many cases, these procedures end up with complications that are difficult to resolve.

Will Dental Insurance Cover My Implants?

Dental implants are very often listed as exclusions on private dental policies. They are still considered elective procedures by most insurers and will need to be specified under a major dental policy.

It is worth enquiring if your insurer will allow you to list it as an extra. If so, you may be subject to a waiting period of up to 12 months before you can claim.

Are implants worth the investment?

If you think about the important work that your teeth do, from chewing your food to giving your face structural integrity and enabling you to speak so that you can be understood, your teeth are quite priceless.

When you weigh dental implants up against other tooth replacement options, they far outperform bridges and dentures in terms of comfort and permanence.


While there’s no recommended amount to pay for implants, if they are being placed by a suitably qualified professional and made from high-quality materials, they are certainly worth investing in your future.

Have questions or concerns about dental implant cost? Schedule a free consultation with a dentist by calling at: Sydney CBD: (02) 8294 5812 or Gosford: (02) 8294 8656.


  1. Rachel Weedon

    I need and want full mouth implants. I went to a dental implant center and they made it clear that I can’t wait any longer but I’m concerned that what I need is unmanageable for my budget. Reading this post, it proves to be right. It’s a hard reality but not getting the implants could have its own costs. I guess what I need to do now is find the right implant dentist, decide a realistic budget, and then get started. Good read by the way.

  2. Mariam Duffy

    I’ve been told I have periodontal disease so my top teeth need to be filed down and be replaced with implants. I didn’t understand why the cost was sky high then. Thankfully this article has been very informative. I can fully understand it now but I need to save for some time to do this. I’ve got a good dentist. I’m confident it should last for a very long time then. I hope the cost is gonna come down though as they are becoming mainstream.

  3. Jai Embley

    Found this article just when I need it. I was really wondering how much dental implants would cost me. I’m looking to have it over a bridge especially now that I have read great things about it on here. But because the price is really steep and my medicaid doesn’t cover it, I just have to wait until my financial situation changes for the better. If it outperforms other alternatives in terms of comfort and permanence, should be worth the wait. Thanks for this useful post.

  4. Summer Donaghy

    I’ve seen many of my friends visit Thailand for lower dental implant costs that’s why I’ve always questioned the high costs of ’em here in Australia.
    Good thing this blog has been very helpful in explaining why. It simply has a lot of intangible benefits so they’re much more affordable and cost efficient in the long run. Besides, if your dental implants are poorly done overseas, the chance of getting your money back is slim to none.

  5. Kaitlyn Rolph

    I knew that dental implants is a painful or tedious procedure but this common perception that it costs a lot is what I was mainly afraid of. Once I got here though,I finally understood that in the long run, dental implants are much more affordable and cost efficient. Now, I’m only hoping that I’d be able to pick a dentist in Australia that’s going to do the job well.

  6. Lucas Humphery

    I do know that implants are one of the most cost-effective form of dental treatments and its durability is top notch! But, I was rather confused about what goes to determine the cost of it. Good thing I got to find the factors that determine the cost of dental implants in this post. Now what I need to find next is a credible and experienced dentist to do the procedure. Might probably give your team a call.

  7. Chloe Phillips

    I need 6 upper implants and I’m scared. Not because of the procedure but it’s more of being scared of something going wrong, making it a waste of money. Most of all I’m scared of the unknown because once this treatment is done, there would be no backing out of the implants. Luckily I found this amazing article that helped explain everything to me. It is costly, but if it far outperforms other replacement options in terms of comfort and permanence, I won’t surely regret spending a fortune for it.

  8. William Haley

    Most of my teeth are getting loose due to periodental disease. It affects everything from my smile and confidence, to my ability to eat and speak. I need to get them extracted to allow for dental implants but I was a bit reluctant because of their cost. After reading this article though I realise it’s not just the price that should be my deciding factor. It opened my eyes to fact that there is no better option to restore missing teeth and dental implants are an investment I’ll love.

  9. Samuel Oldham

    Finding this post is a perfect timing. My teeth are loose so I might need dental implants soon. I knew how dental implants cost in Australia goes and it’s in the thousands but I wanted to know how much exactly am I looking. Judging from the price range here I’m now thinking about going overseas to get them done for half the price. However, I can’t help but imagine a poor kind of dental work and it makes me shake my head and think even more. Gee, would probably be best if I see my dentist first.

  10. Mischa

    Are there ever conditions that private health funds will cover? I have substantial tori, which would render it impossible to create a denture to fit my gums without going through extensive oral surgery. If I need to have teeth replaced in future, teeth implants would be the least complicated procedure.

  11. Adam Clay

    Since dental implants are as close as you can get to a natural tooth, I absolutely knew they come at a cost when compared with other replacement options. My dentist gave me a quote of $6500. It’s a lot f money so before pulling the trigger I wanted to know if it was too expensive. With what I see from here, the price then is just about right. I just thought that today’s advances in technology should have decreased the cost of implants, was I wrong. Anyway, thanks for sharing this post.

  12. Holly Garden

    Thanks for sharing the general cost of implants in Australia. However, I think there are many factors one needs to consider when it comes to their cost. As a matter of fact, it would also depend from dentist to dentist. To know exactly how much it’ll cost you, I say, consult a credible and
    experienced dentist to help you determine your needs perfectly.

  13. Justin Gottshall

    I have a missing front tooth. I know implants are considered as close as you can get to a natural tooth but I also know they cost a lot of money. So before I pull the trigger, I wanted to know if it’s worth the investment. Judging from the info on here they do appear to be worth the price. It makes sense because they’re never questionable in terms of comfort and permanence.


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