If you’re actively seeking out information for a tooth implant in Bangkok, then you’re certainly not alone. Due to the rising cost of dental treatments here in Australia, many people are looking to far-flung destinations, not just for sun, sea, and relaxation but also for dental treatments. And when the costs of dental implant treatment can be as little as a third of the price as it is back home, who can blame them?

Medical/dental tourism (as it is called) is a big business, luring as many as 15,000 Australians every year to places like Thailand, Bali, Malaysia and India. Yet while many have (on the whole) good experiences, others are not so fortunate, leaving them both severely out of pocket and in need of further treatment when they arrive back home. All of this begs the question…

Is a tooth implant in Bangkok really worth the risk?

Let’s take a closer look…


Firstly, there’s the cost of getting there

When you visit your local dentist for dental implant treatment, it’s probably just a short car ride away. On the contrary, the average flight from Sydney to Bangkok is around 9hrs 30 mins costing an average of $440. While you may look at that and say…

“Hey, even when I factor in my flights I’m saving money”

…what you might not have considered is what happens if things don’t go according to plan.

Despite the fact that modern dental implant treatments are around 98% successful, even with the best will in the world, you can’t always be sure that you aren’t going to fall into that remaining 2% category.

A local dentist is bound by the Dental Board of Australia to provide a solution to a dental implant problem – whatever than may be. Whereas, even if that were the case in places like Bangkok, you’d need to factor in another $440 just to visit the dentist plus spend another period away from home and work. Even then, you can’t always be certain that your dental implant problem will be sorted out.


Secondly, there’s the procedural timescale involved

One of the main reasons people opt for dental treatments abroad is that they often need multiple treatments. These are treatments that may otherwise cost tens of thousands of dollars back in Australia.

Under most circumstances, if a person required multiple bone grafts, dental implants and cosmetic treatment, this would normally be carried out in stages.

Or rather, in timeframes that are conducive to giving the body a chance to heal before starting the next treatment. Theoretically, this could be over a period of several months or more.

The problem with this is that for most people, these timescales don’t really fit into a dental tourism package!

Secondly, there’s the procedural timescale involved
On the contrary, most people take a couple of weeks’ vacation, book their flights and off they go. But when you need multiple cosmetic dental services culminating in dental implant treatment in Bangkok, clearly, something doesn’t fit.

Because of this, some dental clinics will take more risks than they perhaps should, in order to ensure that the patient gets the dental implant treatment they need in the time that they have.


Thirdly, there’s the recovery

Let’s face it, most people who travel abroad for dental treatment undergo what can be considered as relatively invasive procedures. This means that they often need downtime to recover. So what better way to recover than laying on an idyllic beach somewhere with the sea lapping against your toes and the sun on your face – or so you’d think!

Unfortunately, more often than not this is far from the reality. Many people who undergo multiple dental implant procedures in places like Bangkok end up being stuck in a hotel or accommodation for days on end (albeit a nice hotel or accommodation) seeing little of the place they visit, without many of their home comforts.

In addition, you may even have to fly back due to time restraints after a recent dental implant procedure when you don’t feel 100% or aren’t fully recovered. If this is the case then chances are, it won’t be a pleasurable experience.


Finally, let’s talk about the clinic or facility itself

If you’ve recently been looking into a tooth implant procedure in Bangkok or indeed any other destination, then it’s likely that you would have come across a few dental hospitals or clinics, that on paper at least, more than fit the bill. They appear clean and modern and offer the latest technology.

The issue is that while this may be the case, you need to question whether they really have the same standards of cleanliness, infection control and patient care that you might experience at similar dental practice back in Australia!

Dentists in Australia are not only bound by law to meet the highest standards of infection control and cleanliness, but they are also trained in the latest gentle dental methods and techniques. While dental facilities in places like Bangkok, Mumbai or Bali may naturally meet the criteria and standards of the rules of their own country, this bar might not be as high as those set in Australia.


A final caveat…

If you are considering undergoing a tooth implant in Bangkok, don’t just focus on the initial cost-saving. Instead, take everything into consideration and weigh up the pros and cons in great detail before you make a final decision.

After all, what cost is your overall health really worth?

If you do want to undergo dental implant treatment here in Sydney, but are concerned about the price, then the good news is that most dentists now offer some type of financial payment scheme allowing you to pay for dental implant treatment over a period of weeks/months. This is something that you might not get when you undergo a similar dental implant treatment in Bangkok.

Here at Digital Dental Implants Sydney and our sister clinic Digital Dental Surgery Sydney, we believe in openness and transparency when it comes to cost. We’ll assess all your needs and requirements and give you a price based on your unique treatment plan.

Contact us today on 02 8294 8656 – Gosford and 02 8294 5812 – Sydney to find out more about how we can help you.

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