Are you looking to get titanium teeth implants? If you have a single decayed or missing tooth, a series of teeth spaces, or an entire arch of missing teeth, then titanium teeth implants may be the answer to your problem.

Here’s everything to know about titanium teeth implants, including the procedure, the pros and cons, and if it is a suitable treatment to restore your smile.


What are titanium teeth implants?

Dental implants are devices used to replace decayed or missing teeth. Since their introduction in the 1960s, they have maintained exceptional standards in teeth replacement with proven long-standing success in terms of reliability in function and aesthetics. While titanium is commonly used for implants, zirconia is another more costly alternative. 

A titanium implant completely replaces a natural tooth. It comprises a titanium post surgically embedded and fixed into the jawbone, an artificial tooth replacement on top (crown) and an abutment that joins these two structures together. If you have multiple missing teeth, there’s no need to replace each tooth with an implant. Instead, a few dental implants can support a dental bridge to close significant tooth gaps or a denture to replace all the missing teeth in the upper or lower jaw. Dental implants are the closest you can get to natural teeth.


Titanium teeth implants procedure

Getting a titanium tooth implant requires meticulous planning and the advanced skill and knowledge of experienced dentists. At DDSS & DDII, we have highly trained dentists who have mastered the art of digital dental implant placement to guarantee a safe and successful procedure. 



  • First, your dentist will determine if you are a candidate for titanium dental implants. Using advanced technology such as CBCT and digital oral scanners, they will thoroughly evaluate the health of your jaw bone and create a personalised treatment plan. With careful assessment, they will be able to ascertain if implants are suitable for you.
  • Then, you will be scheduled for the placement of your titanium implant. We use computer-guided surgery techniques for precise implant surgery with predictable and favourable results. The implants will be surgically placed into your jawbone and given time to fuse with the surrounding bone.
  • After a few months of healing and once the bone has successfully integrated with the implant, an abutment will be placed on top of the implant. This connects a prosthetic tooth to the implant and helps withstand the biting pressure.
  • And lastly, the restoration is completed with a crown. The dental crown provides a natural-looking restoration to complete your smile!


Pros and cons of titanium teeth implants

Perhaps the most common reason patients opt for dental implants is that they are fixed and permanent. So you don’t have to worry about them slipping when you eat, which is a common problem for dentures as they loosen with age. The speech and appearance are also improved with implants.

Because the implant posts are placed into the jawbone, the bone and gum tissue structure is supported, preventing jaw shrinkage and that sunken look that makes a person look older than their years. 

Meanwhile, the cost and length of treatment are the two main drawbacks of implants. Dental implants are one of the most expensive dental procedures and can take up to nine months or longer to complete.

However, don’t let this prevent you from getting them. Most dentists provide flexible payment plans and finance options to help patients spread the cost of their treatment. Speak to your dentist about the procedure, and you may find that the pros definitely outweigh the cons of dental implants.


How long does the titanium implant treatment take?

Dental implants involve multiple steps to allow for healing. If dentists attempt to rush the recovery procedure, dental implant failure is possible. This is particularly important during osseointegration when the bone tissue integrates with the implant to become a permanent feature in the mouth. 


Are titanium implants permanent?

Go to the success rate of dental implants is between 90 and 95%, a rare clinical complication –  biological overloading – can cause the implant to fracture. Overload can be caused by poor placement, heavy occlusal forces such as teeth grinding, the implant’s location and size, and even metal fatigue.

Furthermore, the dental crown will need replacing within 15 to 20 years

However, the main reasons implants fail are unsuccessful osseointegration and poor oral hygiene. 


Are dental implants painful?

At DDSS & DDII, we do everything possible to ensure patients experience pain-free implant surgery. Local anaesthesia numbs the surgical area so you can breeze through the treatment with minor discomfort. And with our digital flapless surgery method, implant treatment is faster, more accurate, and more comfortable for patients.  


Make your smile whole again with dental implants!

Don’t let missing teeth affect the way you live your life. Titanium teeth implants will not let you down if you want the best for your smile. The first step towards the smile of your dreams is to give us a call to book your dental implant appointment. Then, our dental team will thoroughly assess if dental implants are the best for you. We can get started with your personalised treatment plan when you’re ready!

Experience the dental care you deserve with DDSS & DDII. Give us a call on (02) 8294 5812 or (02) 8294 8656, and our friendly staff will arrange an appointment that’s convenient for you.



Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.





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