Thanks to the advances of digital dentistry, same day dental implants have revolutionised tooth replacement and made the process so much quicker for patients around the world. In the past, a dental implant procedure would take many months, and sometimes even years. And even though the patient was under the guidance of their dentist, waiting so long for tooth replacement really was not ideal.

Under the reputable guidance of DDSS and making use of digital dental implants, patients in and around Sydney can replace missing teeth on the same day. Let’s take a look at how this innovative new procedure can change your outlook.

Then vs Now

Around since the 1960s dental implants have proven to be the longest lasting tooth replacements on the market and have maintained this status ever since.

With high success rates on their side it seemed difficult to improve on the procedure that restored patients’ confidence, helped them to eat with comfort and made them smile. However, one of the biggest drawbacks to dental implants has been the time it takes to complete the procedure.

In fact, not being able to wait 12 or 18 months is what has sent many patients off in search of alternative tooth replacements such as dentures.

So Why Do Traditional Dental Implants Take So Long To Complete?

This is because an implant is an artificial tooth root that needs to be incorporated into the body. Unlike dentures and bridges that sit above the gum, and that provide a cosmetic solution to replacing teeth, the patient’s jaw actually needs to integrate dental implants – and this process takes time.

If a patient has been missing a tooth for a long time before he or she goes ahead with implants, bone loss is likely to have occurred, and the patient would require a bone graft before their jaw would be strong enough to support the implant. In the case of a bone graft, it takes a few months before the body starts to produce its own bone again.

So Why Do Traditional Dental Implants Take So Long To Complete?
Once the bone graft is successful your dental practitioner needs to insert your dental implants in a surgical procedure. The implant needs to osseo-integrate before it can support any weight, and this aspect can take another few months to complete.

Overall many patients can expect 12 to 18 months of treatment when they have a traditional dental implant procedure that includes a bone graft, before they can reap the benefits of their tooth replacements.

How Is It Possible To Have Same Day Dental Implants?

Thanks to a process pioneered by DIOnavi, by making use of computer-guided technology DDSS and DDII can offer our patients an accelerated process that reduces the margin for human error using digital dental implants.

Faster Planning And Placement

Prior to any tooth replacement, dental practitioners need to take various scans and x-rays to get an understanding of the condition of your mouth. DIOnavi’s superior digital imaging speeds this process up for a fasting planning session and reduces the need for retakes. (As an aside, our patients also tell us that using computer-guided technology is much more confortable than having a traditional mould cast from the mouth).

The traditional method of performing implant surgery requires superior hand-eye coordination for the ideal placement of an implant. Making use of digital technology ensures your dental practitioner finds the correct location for your dental implants.

This is important for optimal placement as well as to ensure that nerves, blood vessels and supporting structures are avoided when placing dental implants.

Prosthesis Are Quicker To Produce

DIOnavi’s computer guided milling technology can produce same day dental implants if necessary. Thanks to the digitisation of the process the computer generated imaging is put to effective use in creating the right prosthesis for your mouth.

A Shorter Surgery

DIOnavi’s same day dental implants make use of what is called flapless surgery. Instead of making an incision, keyholes are punched into the jaw. Your dental practitioner can screw your implants directly into the keyholes, without the need to cut or re-open any wounds. It also means that your mouth doesn’t need to be stitched up afterwards (so there are no stitches to remove or dissolve afterwards).

Flapless surgery also means that you do not have to wait out a healing period as you would with traditional dental implants. Unlike traditional implants, which require healing before they can bear weight and withstand the force of chewing, it is possible to perform immediate loading on your implant, on the same day it is inserted.

With traditional implants, patients usually wear a temporary crown while they wait for their healing period to end, and this has to be replaced once your dental practitioner is satisfied with your healing. By using digital dental implants this step (and its associated expenses) can be avoided.

Faster Healing

Even though traditional implants have evolved tremendously since they were first introduced, everyone needs some time to heal after surgery. The healing and recovery period is not very glamorous either. You can expect some degree of bruising, tenderness and discomfort for seven to ten days after the surgery. During this time you will be advised to avoid hard, sticky and sweet foods and not to chew on the side of your mouth that was operated on.

Faster Healing
With dental digital implants this healing process is sped up, and your risk of side effects and complications is minimised.

Can You Put A Price On Stress And Anxiety?

Having only one dental appointment for your implants poses a number of benefits. It is more convenient and requires you to take less time away from home or work life. It results in a lot less stress and anxiety than multiple visits to your dentist to have traditional dental implants over the course of a year – or a year and a half.

Whether you have been missing teeth for years or have just lost a tooth and need to replace it in a hurry, digital dental implants provide you with a faster tooth replacement than traditional implants.

Are Same Day Dental Implants Safe?

If you have ticked all the right boxes after doing a risk assessment with your dentist, and you’ve been passed for traditional implants then digital implants are for you.

Ideally you should be a non-smoker, be in generally good health and not suffer from teeth grinding in order to be eligible for one day dental implants. You should also be committed to maintaining a high level of dental hygiene and ensure you keep up with your follow up appointments in order to qualify for same day implants.

Have questions or concerns about same day dental implants in Sydney? Please call our practice to speak to a professional:

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