As dental implant treatments continue to gain popularity worldwide, dental tourism is also on the rise, with many patients travelling abroad for dental work where prices can be lower. Phuket, a beautiful island in Thailand, is a popular destination for dental tourism, offering dental implant treatments at much lower prices than in Western countries. However, many patients must realise that the risks of getting dental implants in Phuket outweigh the benefits. In this blog post, we will discuss the disadvantages of getting dental implants in Phuket and the importance of considering all factors before deciding. 


What Are Dental Implants 


Dental Implants Treatment

Dental implant treatment refers to replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant. A dental implant consists of three crucial parts- a screw, an abutment, and a crown. The screw is inserted into the jawbone to replace the missing tooth’s root. The abutment is placed on top of the screw to hold the crown. The crown is the visible part of the implant and looks like a natural tooth. Patients can choose from titanium, ceramic, and zirconia dental implants. Titanium implants have been used since the 1970s and are considered the most popular material because of their durability and strength. Ceramic implants are preferred for cosmetic dental treatment by patients allergic to metals. Zirconia implants are the latest dental implant technology and are more bio-compatible than titanium implants. 


Different Types of Dental Implants

Several dental implant procedures are available today, including single-tooth implants, multiple teeth implants, and full-mouth implants. Single-tooth implants are used to replace one missing tooth. If you have multiple missing teeth, multiple teeth implants are recommended. On the other hand, full-mouth implants are recommended for patients who want to replace all their teeth. Patients suffering from tooth decay or gum disease are ideal for dental implants. 


function implanted tooth sydney gosfordImmediate Load Implants

Sometimes referred to as same-day implants, immediate load implants are a great option for someone who cannot afford to wait long to get their dental implants.

In conventional dental implant surgery, it would take 3-6 months before the patient could use their new teeth.

With immediate load implants, the patient can get a temporary prosthesis fixed immediately after the implant. 


Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants provide several benefits, including improved smile appearance, oral health, speech, comfort, durability, and long-term effectiveness. Unlike a denture plate tooth, dental implants function and feel like natural teeth. They are comfortable and look very natural. Dental implant procedures are highly successful, with a >95% success rate.


Disadvantages of Getting Dental Implants in Phuket 


Language Barrier

The language barrier is one of the most significant risks of getting dental implants in Phuket. While many dental clinics provide interpreters and bilingual staff, communication may still be challenging. Misunderstandings may arise, especially regarding technical terms, leading to complications and unsatisfactory results. To avoid these risks, choosing a dental clinic that provides clear communication and asking any questions you may have until you fully understand the dental implant treatment process is essential. 


Lack of Regulation and Oversight

One of the main concerns with getting dental implant treatments in Phuket is the need for more regulation and oversight of dental clinics. While there are some reputable dental clinics in Phuket, there are also those that operate without proper certification and training. This means that patients are at risk of receiving substandard treatment, which can lead to complications such as infection, implant failure and bone loss. In addition, proper regulation is necessary to ensure the quality of materials used in the implant procedure. 


Unqualified Dentists 

Another issue with getting dental implant treatments in Phuket is the prevalence of unqualified dental specialists. Many clinics offer dental implant surgery without properly trained specialists, raising the risk of incorrect implant placement and other complications. It can also be difficult to find qualified dental specialists who can perform complex dental implant surgery or provide care in the event of complications. 


australia dentist implant better over phuket sydney gosfordNo After-Care Support

Typically, dental implant treatments require several follow-up appointments to ensure proper healing and placement.

However, with dental tourism, many patients only visit the clinic once, leaving them with little after-care support.

Moreover, communication can be a significant problem for patients who do not speak the local language. The lack of timely and adequate after-care can lead to problems such as implant failure, gum disease, and bone loss. 


Limited Options for Immediate Load Implants

Immediate load implants refer to an implant that allows patients to receive a full set of artificial teeth on the same day as the implant surgery. While this option is becoming increasingly popular in Western countries, it is only sometimes available in Phuket. Patients may be required to visit multiple dental clinics, which can be time-consuming and expensive. Moreover, immediate load implants require considerable skill and expertise, which not all clinics have. 


The Risk of Jaw Bone Loss

Dental implants require sufficient jawbone to fuse properly and provide stability. However, jaw bone loss can occur when teeth are missing and the bone is not stimulated by chewing. In Phuket, many dental clinics offer affordable denture plate tooth replacements or cheaper dental implant treatments that can result in significant jawbone loss over time. This loss could cause future dental issues or even aesthetic problems if not addressed during treatment. 


Dental Implants in Australia 



High-Quality Standards

Australia is known for its high-quality healthcare system; dental implants are no exception. The country has strict regulations and standards that must be followed by dental clinics, which means that you will receive excellent care from qualified professionals. You can also be assured that the materials used for dental implant treatments are high quality and comply with international standards. 


Experienced Professionals

Dental specialists in Australia have the knowledge, training and experience to perform dental implant surgery to the highest standards. They use the latest techniques and materials to ensure the implant treatment is successful and long-lasting. This means you can have confidence that you will receive the best care possible. 


drawbacks implants teeth phuket sydney gosfordAdvanced Technology

Dental implant treatments in Australia are performed using advanced technology, ensuring the process is less invasive and more accurate.

By using 3D imaging technology, dental specialists can accurately plan dental implant placement while minimising potential risks and complications.

This also ensures that the implants are placed in the jaw bone correctly, which is important for the long-term success of the implant. 


Cosmetic Dentistry

Many dental clinics in Australia also offer cosmetic dentistry services, meaning you can have a complete smile makeover. This can include treatments such as Zoom tooth whitening, denture plate tooth replacements and tooth implants. These additional services can enhance the overall appearance of your smile and give you the confidence to smile freely and without hesitation. 


No Need for Dental Tourism

By choosing to get dental implants in Australia, there is no need to go to other countries, such as Phuket, for dental tourism. This can save you time and money and avoid the potential risks of travelling abroad for medical procedures. You can also communicate easily with your dental specialist and receive follow-up care if needed. 


Why It’s Better to Get Dental Implants in Australia

Getting dental implants in Australia is a better option for patients with limited time. Unlike Phuket, Australia has dental centres that offer immediate load implants that enable patients to have a denture plate tooth or tooth implants in a single visit. This is because of technological advancements in dental implant treatments that have reduced treatment times and provided more convenience for patients.

Finally, dental implant treatments in Australia last longer than those in Phuket, making them a more cost-effective option in the long run. This is because dental implants in Australia are manufactured using high-quality materials that are more durable than those used in Phuket. Also, Australian dental clinics offer post-treatment care to ensure that dental implant treatment outcomes are long-lasting and satisfactory. 



While Phuket is undoubtedly a beautiful island, getting dental implants can have significant drawbacks, including lack of regulation, unqualified specialists, no after-care support, limited options for immediate load implants, and the risk of jaw bone loss. It is essential to weigh the potential risks against the cost savings before getting dental implant treatments abroad. Home and local dental clinics provide quality dental implant treatments and after-care support without the risk of complications that come with dental tourism. Ultimately, the decision is up to the patient, but it is critical to consider all factors before embarking on dental tourism in Phuket. Contact our professional dental team at Digital Dental Surgery Sydney today to schedule your first appointment! 

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Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner. 





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