If the cost and side effects of your proposed dental treatment has you thinking about dental implants in Vietnam due to cost, we’d like to introduce you to digital dental implants. Traditional dental implants can cause side effects and because of their long timeline, can add up in terms of cost. With digital dental implants however, patients can look forward to a less complex procedure and fewer side effects, eliminating the need for a dental implant in Vietnam.


The Growth Of Dental Tourism In Australia

Patients in Australia are lucky enough to be protected by local laws and legislation. These laws govern the rules by which practices can be run, dentists can be qualified and registered and the manner in which they can treat patients.

While these regulations may make running a local practice more expensive than a practice in Vietnam, they do afford patients a lot of privileges and a certain degree of protection against the risks associated with dental surgery.


The Cost Of Dental Implants In Australia

A dental implant is meant to last for many years. In an ideal situation, your dental implant would last for the rest of your lifetime. If you consider the amount of planning, work and expense that does into replacing a missing tooth permanently, it’s no surprise that neither practitioners nor patients would want to repeat the practice unnecessarily.

And that’s why it actually pays you to do your dental implant procedure right the first time. Of course you might be able to have the procedure done overseas for less, but you won’t have:

  • The expertise of your local dentist
  • The peace of mind associated with local dental laws
  • Any recourse in the event that something does go wrong
  • Convenient post-surgical care
  • Easy communication with your dentist after surgery.


When your dentist presents you with a treatment plan, the overall costing is all-inclusive and covers

  • Your practitioner fees including follow up consultations and surgical fees
  • The cost of your dental implant, abutment and crown
  • The cost of any bone grafting or sinus lifts
  • Post surgical consultations.

If a dentist in Vietnam is offering to do your dental implant procedure for less, where is he cutting the costs? Or more importantly, what aspect of the cost breakdown above would you feel comfortable sacrificing?

The Cost Of Dental Implants In Australia
Certainly you wouldn’t want your procedure done in a sub-standard practice or by a lesser qualified dental practitioner. You probably wouldn’t want a cheap dental implant, abutment or crown either.

Most patients don’t want to forego any of their post-surgical visits because they realise how tragic an infection at the site can be.

Each of the costs mentioned above is important and justified and it makes sense not to scrimp on any of them.

The Issue With Dental Tourism

The biggest issue with dental tourism is that patients confuse real value. Surely real value lies in a high quality dental implant, placed by a suitably qualified and experienced practitioner, in a compliant and safe environment, where the outcome is a good few decades of reliable and comfortable wear. Patients who opt to travel to exotic places like Vietnam and Thailand may justify trading a high quality implant procedure for a lower quality procedure combined with a holiday.

Reasons That It’s Better To Have Your Dental Implants In Australia


State-of-the-art dental technology

Digital Dental Implant Surgery Sydney is pleased to offer our patients the very best in dental technology. This means quicker, safer procedures with fewer side effects, unlike the customary 12-18 month period it can take for an implant to osseo-integrate fully.

Dental implants of international standard

At Digital Dental Implant Surgery Sydney we make use of only the best in dental implant technology, ensuring our patients of comfort and durability. While there are plenty of implant manufacturers out there, we only work with those that can demonstrate a proven track record of success, because this translates into successful procedures for our patients.

Faster healing and recovery

One of the biggest reasons that it is so impractical to have dental implants in Vietnam is that each phase of your treatment plan requires your gums and bone to heal before you can progress to the next phase. If you are going to have a 12 or 18 month treatment plan you might find yourself making more than one trip to Vietnam, and even that isn’t the same as consulting with a local dentist. With digital dental implants patients heal much faster, and do not have to split their procedures up into so many components. Because there are no incisions and the abutments can be loaded immediately, many patients bypass the most common side effects associated with traditional implants, and heal much faster.

Lower chance of infection

Infection management standards are another major concern for locals travelling overseas for dental treatment, because the standards are different wherever you go. Digital dental implants carry a much lower risk of infection because there is much less bleeding and swelling, and thus healing takes place much faster.   When you embark on your treatment plan, don’t be tempted by dental implants in Vietnam and low cost when making your decision. Rather do it right and only do it once. Please contact our practice for the most convenient appointment: Sydney: (02) 8294 5812 Gosford: (02) 8294 8656

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