If you are weighing up the costs of a dental implant Vietnam, it’s probably because you would like to improve on the costing your local dental practitioner has presented to you. And while it does make sense to price shop on products to ensure you aren’t overcharged, when it comes to professional dental services there is often a correlation between the quality of work, the experience level of the practitioner and the price. If you have any desire to leave local shores for a dental implant in Vietnam you may just want to read this first.


Understanding The True Cost Of A Dental Implant In Vietnam

Ultimately you are not being charged for a small titanium screw. Rather, you will probably have a 12 to 18 month engagement with your dental professional, which will be comprised of a series of procedures and which will have to be carefully managed and monitored in order to be completed successfully.

A lot of locals have found that they can have a dental implant in Vietnam for a significantly lower cost than in Australia. But while the initial outlay might seem like less, the medium and long term effects are much more costly. And, as we would like to highlight, it’s a lot more than just comparing two sets of numbers: it’s actually comparing two very different approaches to treatment.

Unfortunately though, cost is a very real barrier for many patients, and it is reported that one in three people avoid visiting their dentist because of cost concerns, and one in five people do not have the recommended dental treatments because of affordability issues. At DDSS and DDII we realise how important it is for patients to have access to high quality dental services and make payment plans available to help our patients afford them.

In Australia, your cost estimate for a dental implant procedure includes:


Professional dental fees


The experience and expertise of your dental practitioner as well as the associated costs of running the dental practice will influence the final price. Most patients prefer for a procedure like dental implants to be performed by a very experienced specialist, whose qualifications and accreditations have been acquired from a reputable institution.

Think about it carefully: would you prefer to have your procedure managed by someone with decades of experience or a graduate?

The cost of high quality prosthesis

While there are hundreds of implant brands available on the global market an experienced practitioner will certainly have a preference for quality. A Vietnamese professional may have different opinions or access to different implants whose spare parts or replacements may not be available when you return home or 15 years down the line.

Post operative care and treatment

Because of the protracted nature of a dental implant procedure, you can expect that you’ll be seeing your dental practitioner relatively often. When you’ve bought plane tickets and have to fly a few thousand miles to see your practitioner, this makes post-operative care very difficult.


The Cons Of Having A Dental Implant In Vietnam

So, we have established that the biggest benefit to having an implant procedure performed in Vietnam is the cost factor. But would that cost saving change how you feel about any of the disadvantages of having an implant done in Vietnam?

What About The Language Barrier?

Sure, with Google translate and some animated gestures you may be able to make yourself understood to a taxi driver but how do you discuss in-depth medical and dental terms in a foreign language?

What happens if your local dentist needs to contact the Vietnamese practitioner and they can’t communicate?

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What If Something Goes Wrong?

No one likes to admit it but things can and do go wrong. Even at home, in Australia it is possible for things to go wrong. Do you want to be that statistic in a foreign country? This is worth considering because if you have your dental implants placed in Australia and there is a problem, you do have recourse.

Your rights as a patient are highly regulated and protected – but only while you stay within local borders. As soon as you get on a plane, that protection falls away. If things go wrong in Vietnam, you are on your own – so you need to ensure you have a back up plan in place.

The few hundred dollar savings you could make having treatment in Vietnam would not cover the cost of “if something goes wrong”.


Will You Have Enough Time To Make Informed Decisions?

When you’ve jetted off to a foreign country for treatment you have a limited amount of time available. In the event that things do not go to plan, or you need to make quick decisions, you may find it doesn’t suit your travel arrangements. In some instances patients find they need to schedule a second trip to be able to accommodate any changes that come up.


Who Will You Go To For Follow Up Care?

You will need to go back to a dental practitioner after your procedure but you may have a hard time finding someone to assist you if you have had treatment in Vietnam. If the work was not done well or there are complications a local dentist may not be able to assist you with post-operative care.


Do You Want A Tooth Replacement To Last A Lifetime – Or Just A Few Years?

When placed by a professional and with adequate preparation and planning, some dental implants can last for the rest of your lifetime. Others can last for decades with proper care.

Investing in a high quality dental implant that is planned and placed by a professional is more likely to outlast and outperform a lower quality prosthesis. Having one procedure is preferable to having multiple procedures to fix up poor dentistry or manage side effects and complications that have occurred.

If you do decide to travel to Vietnam for a dental implant procedure, it is highly likely that your dental implant will not last for the rest of your lifetime and will need to be replaced. If, after reading all the risks, you still decide to go ahead with dental tourism in southeast Asia, you should have a local dentist available to support you on your return, do not leave this aspect for your return.

Having a dental implant Vietnam carries a larger degree of risk than having the procedure done in Australia. If you decide that cost is your biggest deciding factor in where to have your dental implants done make sure you have a back up plan in place.

To find out more about affordable high quality dental implants in Australia please contact our practice to speak to a professional:

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