It’s a fact of life that people love seeking out bargains and cheap teeth implants are no exception, but are they really the best option?
There’s a saying in the dental world that goes “the best dental implants are those that are reassuringly expensive.” While you might feel that that this is only said to scaremonger people into paying high prices for dental implants, the fact is, there’s more than an element of truth in it. Let’s explain…


Cheap Dental Implant Options

You can of course seek out low cost dental implants and in fact, if you Google ‘cheap dental implant near me’, or ‘cheap implants abroad’ then you’re likely to see a plethora of options. However, it’s highly probable that with low dental implant prices comes a great deal of risk.

Let’s look at the first option – ‘Cheap dental implants near me’

As you know we’re based in Sydney, which just so happens to be one of the most expensive cities in Australia to live and believe it or not, it also ranks 11th out of the top 30 most expensive cities to live in the world. As a result, wages are higher, rents are higher and even utilities are costlier. Naturally, this has to be factored into the overall dental implants cost.

Therefore, if any dentist is offering cut price or cheap teeth implants in Sydney, it’s usually because of several reasons.

  • They’re inexperienced and the only way to compete is to undercut other dentists
  • They use cheap or inferior implants and pass the cost saving onto the consumer
  • They are advertising an ‘implant only’ price.

Let’s address each of these options:

Firstly inexperience – Anyone who is considering dental implants as an option would be wise to choose a dentist with vast experience. No two patients and indeed implant situations are the same. As such, many situations rely on the instinct and experience of the dentist to do the best possible job for the patient. This is something that can’t be found or taught in the ‘how to’ manual on placing dental implants.


Cheap or inferior implant brands – The dental implant industry is booming. As such there are more and more brands coming to market every single day. The problem is that many don’t have the financial backing and years of testing that the well-known implant brands do. Because of this and just like many business start-up’s, several goes bust within the first few years. This isn’t great for you if you need say a replacement abutment 5-10 or even 15 years down the line. Alternatively stick with well known brands that have longevity. This way you know you’re on the right track!


Implant only price – As a cunning bit of advertising, some dental practices offer dental implants for half the price or less of their competitors. While this seems like a good deal on paper, take a closer look at the advert and you probably discover (usually in small print) the words… ‘price includes implant fitting only’.

Suddenly, what initially seemed like the best deal on dental implants, now mean that costs will start to mount, especially when you take into consideration the extra cost for the crown, abutment, and any other treatments needed prior to placing your implants. Instead you should always ensure that the dental implant prices you pay is for the full treatment. This way, you know exactly what you’re getting with no hidden costs

What about cheap implants abroad?

There has been much discussion about the tooth implant cost savings that people can make when getting dental implants abroad and indeed around 15,000 Australians do exactly that every year. However while places like Bali, Thailand, the Philippines and Malaysia offer enticing cheap dental implants, there’s also a huge element of risk involved that you wouldn’t get if you sought out an experienced dental implant dentist back home.

cheap vs expensive implants

So, what are those risks?

Standards – While the Australian Dental Association (ADA) maintains the highest standards of training and infection control back home, those same high standards can’t always be said of dental clinics and dentists abroad. Of course, some dental clinics here in Australia have experienced problems and equally, some dental clinics or dental hospitals abroad take infection control and training very seriously; however, the bottom line is that seeking out vacation destinations for cheap implants abroad is a big risk.


Complications – When you seek out a dental implant dentist here in Australia it’s pretty straight forward to resolve problems if you experience implants complications further down the line. Not so, when your implant dentist is say an 8 hour flight away and on a different continent.

The issue is that problems surrounding dental implants can show 6 months or 1 year down the line when a dental tourism trip is a dim and distant memory. So if you do experience complications through buying low cost teeth implants, you’ll need to consider what recourse (if any) is possible. Chances are you’ll end up seeking help from a Sydney implant dentist and it will end up costing you more in the long run.


Language barrier – While many places like Thailand, the Philippines, Bali, and Malaysia have English speaking doctors, it mightn’t be their mother tongue. For this reason, if you have any questions, queries, concerns, or special instructions you need your implant dentist to know, it’s possible that they could become lost in translation.


Treatment times – The vast majority of people who seek out cheap dental implants abroad, do so using their two-or three-weeks’ vacation from work. As a result much of the treatment needed has to be crammed in to match the availability of the patient. On the contrary, when you seek out a dental implants dentist closer to home, they can take the time to carefully plan and execute the treatment to ensure best possible outcomes.

As you can see, seeking out cheap teeth implants abroad or indeed at home doesn’t come without risk.


So where can I get cheap teeth implants in Sydney really?


Check promotions – Many dental clinics offer promotional deals on consultations or implants from time to time, so it’s well worth checking your local dental website. Here at Digital Dental Implants Sydney, for example, we’re offering a free dental implant consultation where we can discuss your options.


Check out payment options – Okay, so while dental tooth implants themselves mightn’t be any cheaper, many dental practices are offering patients ways to spread the cost of payments. As such it isn’t such a huge cost to bear upfront.


Find a good health insurance policy – while it’s well know that many health insurance policies don’t cover you for dental implants, even under extras – there are insurances that do. So, while your existing policy may initially cost more, affordable dental implants right here in Sydney, could be a reality.

To find out more about the best dental implants, then why not book yourself a free consultation. Call today on (02) 8294 5812 and take the first steps towards a healthy, happy smile!

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