If you’ve been considering dental implants to replace your missing teeth then you probably already know that the dental implants success rate remains high – at 95%. You may already have seen it mentioned on numerous occasions that a dental implant can last a lifetime. While that may not always be the case, what we do know for sure is that the first dental implant patient held on to his implants until the day he died some 40 years later and they were still going strong.

This doesn’t mean we can afford to be complacent about success. Instead, it pays to be aware of 5 key factors that go into the making of a successful dental implant procedure.


Dental Implants Success Rate – 5 Key Factors


1. Speed

When it comes to dental implants there’s no point in adopting a ‘wait and see’ attitude. If your tooth is failing and it becomes clear that it can’t be replaced or it’s already been extracted, you need to get a dental implant as quickly as you can. 

You see, the problem with missing teeth is that the body starts to take back the bone that held them in place. Like a natural tooth, a dental implant relies on dense healthy bone to support it. While a bone graft can add volume and density to existing bone, it also adds time and money to the dental implant procedure.  


2. Health

Once your dental implants have been placed, a period of healing will follow. During this time, your implants will start to form a bond with the surrounding bone in a process known as osseointegration. This natural process is critical to dental implant success and for this to occur properly, your body needs to be healthy.

It’s important to maintain good oral hygiene to stave off gum disease since this can attack dental implants just as it can your teeth, causing the bone supporting your implants to erode.

During the healing period, it’s also important to get all the minerals and vitamins that your body requires to build more bone and this is easily achieved by eating a healthy well- balanced diet.


3. Technology

Another key factor that affects the dental implants success rate is precise placement. Try to choose a dental clinic that uses the latest digital radiography equipment.

This plays an important role in treatment planning and diagnosis prior to dental implant surgery and enables the team to project images immediately onto a screen, allowing patients to see while the dentist discusses what’s going on in their mouth. Here at DDSS DDII, we also provide digital dental implants which use computer-guided technology to aid implant placement while providing a safer, faster and more comfortable surgery. And with no sutures, healing is that much faster!
Technology Image

4. Expertise & Experience

Probably, nothing contributes more to the dental implants success rate than the experience and expertise of your dental implant dentist so it pays to be picky about who you choose.

Don’t be shy about asking about the level of knowledge they have in dental implants including post-graduate education. After all, you want someone who has attended more than a weekend training course in placing a dental implant. Enquire about their experience in placing dental implants – how many they have placed and how regularly they place them. 


5. Commitment 

Commitment is the last of the 5 key points and one of the most important. While you can have the best dentist in the world place your dental implants you need to be committed to caring for them to guarantee their survival. 

Fortunately, caring for dental implants doesn’t involve anything different than caring for your natural teeth. It’s important to brush your teeth and implants at least twice a day for 2 minutes and floss in between your teeth once a day. Of course, you should attend regular dental check-ups and cleanings to ensure both your teeth and your implants remain in tip-top condition. Should your dentist ask you to visit more frequently, then be sure to comply. 

So to sum it up ….. 

While the dental implant success rate is high at 95% there’s no guarantee that you won’t fall into the remaining 5%. To help prevent this from happening, there are 5 key factors to take into consideration before going ahead with dental implants

  1. Act as quickly as you can when you lose a tooth or if you know you are facing tooth extraction. The longer you leave it, the more likely you will need a bone graft to supplement bone loss. This will cost time and money.
  2. Maintaining good oral health is the pinnacle of dental implant success so don’t take your foot off the gas 
  3. Technology rules when it comes to creating better dental implants. Equipment such as 3D CBCT scanners help dentists plot the best position and trajectory for dental implants 
  4. Experience is essential since nobody wants to a guinea pig for a dentist placing their first implant
  5. Be committed to a lifetime of dental implant care


Don’t put up with missing teeth

We provide the latest in digital dentistry to our patients and have treatment rooms that are fully equipped with the best technology including 3D CBCT and Trios intraoral scanning apparatus. Our digital dental implants are perfect for people with busy lives, are less invasive than traditional implants and have a shorter surgery time.

With DDSS/DDII your smile is in safe hands. Why not schedule an implant consultation where we can answer your questions and address any concerns you may have about dental implants. We look forward to welcoming you.

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Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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